Visual impairment

This information is aimed at professionals supporting stroke survivors and their families.

Overall visual impairment in stroke survivors is estimated to be around 65%. It can significantly impact quality of life affecting people’s ability to carry out many aspects of daily activities, and potentially leading to social isolation, low mood and depression.

The Royal College of Physicians National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (2016) recommends that every stroke inpatient has a practical assessment of vision and examination of the visual field and eye movements. They also recommend inclusion of orthoptists within the acute core stroke multidisciplinary team.

The British and Irish Orthoptic Society published a driving pathway in 2020 and you can download it here.

In Greater Manchester, access to robust, funded orthoptics services for stroke patients is variable across the region. We are working to ensure every stroke patient is treated according to the clinical guideline.


Useful resources

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Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)

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University of Liverpool Vision, Orthoptic and Brain Injury Research Unit – free resources for patients and professionals