Training & Education – Greater Manchester stroke training programme and local events

Greater Manchester stroke training programmes

Our training programme is currently being reformatted into virtual sessions. 

We already offer a range of online training for different professionals on stroke care and also returning to work.

The network co-ordinates two programmes of free training for staff supporting stroke care delivered in Greater Manchester – introductory and experienced level. Events with hyperlinks are open for bookings.

Training is usually aimed at staff working in both community and inpatient settings, and generally applicable to a range of professions including medical staff (experienced level events only).

Royal College of Physician CPD accreditation will be sought for events of particular relevance to doctors. Information is included in each event description on how they may meet CREST competencies and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board sub specialty training curriculum for stroke medicine.


1. Introductory level

The study days are aimed at staff (except doctors) who may be new to the specialty or need a basic understanding of stroke. The agenda for the events are similar and suitable for professionals from other Greater Manchester Trusts. You can find out more about the individual Trust training events here.


Events will hopefully recommence in September – more details to follow


2. Foundation programme

Salford Royal stroke team also run a foundation programme twice a year which is a 12 week course also open to external staff – 80% attendance of taught sessions is required. Individual days can also be booked on. The most recent course commenced in October 2019 and the programme will run again in Autumn 2020. For full details please click here

3. Experienced/advanced level


Our full day conferences have been cancelled for 2020 and only shorter masterclasses will be delivered. Topics will be presented virtually via MS Teams:

Stroke-associated pneumonia: diagnosis, prevention and treatment – 15th October

End of life care

Diagnosis and management of aphasia

Pre hospital stroke care

Mood and cognition screening and management

Our Healthcare Assistant training programme has been postponed until 2021


Other local events

Reperfusion UK 2019 – 23rd October 2020, York