Measuring the quality of stroke care to improve outcomes

Outcome measures help demonstrate changes in the health of an individual, group or population which is attributable to an intervention. It is important that we measure the outcomes of the stroke care provided in our region to help us understand how we can make further improvements.

All of our stroke units contribute to the national SSNAP audit of stroke care which provides detailed information on care delivered in hospitals in most of the UK. The audit collects a minimum data set for stroke patients in every acute hospital, and follows the pathway through recovery, rehabilitation, and outcomes at the point of 6 month assessment.

The data provided by SSNAP can help determine the performance of teams providing care to stroke patients. The audit measures many different aspects of care that should improve the outcome and recovery of stroke patients.

The network undertakes a detailed analysis of SSNAP data each reporting period that is shared with stakeholders including clinical teams and their managers as well as commissioners. We also support teams in better understanding how to enter data, and also how to use the information to drive improvements in care. We also conduct snapshot audits of patient flow and access to services.

Some data for community rehabilitation is collected as part of this national audit, but it is limited and does not measure patient outcomes or experience.

We have collaboratively developed a set of outcome measures than span the whole patient journey to enable us to more effectively understand the impacts of the stroke care provided in Greater Manchester. Our work has been showcased as a case study by NICE, as many of our metrics for post acute care are their standards.

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