Training & Education – online training and resources

Online training & teaching tools

The network hosts online teaching resources on its Moodle learning platform. Currently, we have an online package available for primary care with others due for release shortly aimed at ambulance staff, A&E/ward staff and also stroke teams. You can register to gain access here.


F = Foundation level; A = Advanced level

ASPECTS – understanding Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (A)

British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) CT training – imaging teaching tool (A)

Brain Tree Training – training in cognitive rehabilitation (A&F)

CHADSVASC – tool for calculating risk of Atrial Fibrillation (A)

Cognitive impairment and challenging behaviour training PDF version (A&F)

Cognitive impairment and challenging behaviour training e learning tool for SRFT staff (A&F)

Chest & Heart Scotland – wide range of training resources (A&F)

ebrain – training in clinical neurosciences (A&F)

Glasgow Coma Scale – training and information (A)

HAS-BLED – tool for calculating risk in Atrial Fibrillation (A)

Implementing Intra Arterial Thrombectomy – SLiCE presentation (A)

Modified Rankin Scale – training and certification (A)

NIHSS – training and certification (A)

Stroke & TIA Assessment Training (STAT) (A&F)

Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs) (F)

The ABCs of ICH care – teaching on intracerebral hemorrhage (A)

ABC2 instructional video (A)

The Hidden side of stroke – training tool for mood and cognition (A)

TIA Clinic – training in TIA (A&F)

TIA & minor stroke – Chest & Heart Scotland teaching tool (F)


Presentations on key topics

The date and author of the presentation has been included as content may have changed since produced

Aphasia – Speakeasy

Cryptogenic strokes – Dr Amit Kishore

Hand hygiene – Elizabeth Carr

Oral hygiene – Dr Hazel Dickenson

Collaborative goal setting – Jo Stevens

Sex after stroke – Jo Stevens

Driving after stroke – Dr Kate Radford

Virtual reality and rehabilitation – Sylvia Moss

Supporting carers – Stroke Association


ODN Annual conference 2018 presentations

Life after stroke event (Sep 2017)

Northern Ireland Stroke Forum presentations (Jun 2017)

Stepping Hill Stroke Study Day (May 2017)

Post stroke pain and upper limb workshop (Apr 2017)

RCP Update in the management of stroke 2017 presentations

NCVIN Masterclass – using data and information to improve cardiovascular outcomes (Feb 2017)


Greater Manchester online training videos

Atrial Fibrillation – Mark’s story

Improving Greater Manchester’s stroke services – Alan’s story 

Greater Manchester stroke pathway – General Practice

Greater Manchester stroke pathway – A&E & ward staff

Greater Manchester stroke pathway – ambulance clinicians


Other online resources & information

Flying after stroke – blog and information

Stroke Association resources for professionals